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After many years of research, scientists had managed to make life out of the lifeless. They were able to make this possible with a special blend of dry chemicals that bring these creations to life -- a chemical they call ''Fairy Dust''.

This chemical was tested on several inanimate objects, among them being food. While living furniture is highly entertaining, it's expensive. Meanwhile, food was easier to obtain and could easily be shaped with special molds. Reindeer-shaped cookie cutter? Sprinkle on some ''Fairy Dust'' and bam! A new companion!

These adorable artificial pets were soon introduced to the market and took the world by storm. They were just like the usual fuzzy babies that people keep in their homes. Except these were more like food babies; foodbabs! They live! They talk! They don't poop! Best of all, they're edible! But who would ever do that?

How about you adopt your own today? This site is, and will remain, free to play. Just make sure you read the rules and F.A.Q before you play!

Disclaimer: This game is currently in open alpha, so many features have yet to be added and bugs are running loose on the site.